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Investors Bank


Capital Structure:

- Authorized capital : US$ 100MM

- Issued & fully paid up capital: US$ 80MM

Business Activities:

The principal activities of the Bank include investment banking and financial activities, investment transactions, participating in equity investments in projects in conformity with the Islamic Shari’a. The Bank may, in particular, carry on the following business activities:



Providing investment account facilities;


Accepting restricted or unrestricted investment funds commingling the same with those of the Bank and investing them in accordance with the Shari’a;



Managing the investment of third party funds as an agent for a fixed fee or as a Mudarib and any other banking activities not contravening the provisions of the Shari’a;



Industrial, commercial and agricultural business activities, either directly or through companies which the Bank may establish, or in which the Bank may acquire shares;



Purchasing, leasing and constructing buildings, and the renting thereof


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